Marine insurance claims

Marine insurance claims-bulk cargo claims due to water ingress in the cargo holds

Marine insurance claims: We Constellation Marine Services as Independent Marine Consultants received a nomination from one of our overseas Principals in order to assess the potential cargo claims due to moisture damage, cargo reported to be with mould growth in the hold.

Constellation’s senior marine insurance claims surveyor contacted the local agents to arrange all port formalities so as to board.

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prepurchase tankers

Pre purchase inspections on tankers

Pre purchase inspections on tankers

Pre purchase inspections on tankers:Constellation Marine Services is one of the leading marine survey company in UAE who perform a number of pre purchase inspections for various types of water crafts including but not limited to bulk carriers, oil tankers, container vessels, gas tankers, offshore supply vessels. Of these types, the tanker pre purchase inspections are the most frequently carried out surveys. Master Mariners with command and backed are sufficient experience on board Oil and Gas tankers and / Senior Engineers form the team of Constellation Marine Services who perform the pre purchase inspections onboard oil tankers (Product and Crude) and Gas tankers (LPG and LNG).

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Alleged pollution investigation

Alleged Pollution investigation

Alleged pollution investigation:The undersigned Independent Ship and Marine Surveyors carried out an inspection onboard the detained vessel at the port, in order to investigate the reportedly suspicious alleged oil pollution caused by a container vessel and to intervene with the authorities in order to release the vessel without any delays and to protect the interests of the underwriters.

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loading of cargo

Loading of DRI CARGO

DRI or Direct reduced Iron is a product which is formed by the direct reduction of Iron Ore. Due to the inherent nature of the product, when it becomes wet, significant amount of heat is generated along with the release of Hydrogen gas. Hence it is of paramount importance to have the cargo loaded and transported without coming in contact with moisture.

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