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Our Vision

To grow into a distinct international and multi-cultural service provider to the shipping industry.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers expectation on every assignment as their service providers, bearing in mind the ethics and principles of independent marine surveying and consultancy.




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Company Vision

company provides First Class services worldwide.

Service range:

  • OVID inspections;
  • Bunker surveys;
  • Cargo quantity surveyor;
  • On and Off hire surveys;
  • Petroleum quantity surveyor;
  • e-CMID auditors;
  • IMDG cargo surveys, suitability certificates;
  • Lashing inspection/securing systems;
  • Cargo superintendence;
  • Cargo condition surveys;
  • Port captain and supercargo services;
  • Bulk sampling/Bulk liquid surveys;
  • Ultrasonic testing;
  • Insurance surveyors and loss adjusters;
  • Ships condition surveys for P and I clubs
  • Flag state annual safety inspection;
  • Rig moves and jack up barge inspections;
  • Offshore marine warranty surveyors;
  • Industrial and machinery valuation;
  • Towage approval certification;
  • Engineering consultants;
  • Marine casualty investigators;
  • Assistance with repatriation of stowaways;
  • Yacht inspection and evaluations;
  • Tanker management self-assessment implementations;
  • Hatch and tank cleanliness surveys;
  • ISPS/ISM audits;
  • Marine project management;
  • Structural drawings;

Verification and approval of drawings.

Founded in 2007, Constellation Marine Services LLC. set out itself to be a leading independent marine consultancy company in the Maritime/Shipping industry. Today, as of 2018, we have completed over 15500 successful assignments. The company has multiple certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and many more. We are also honored to be part of the Honorable Company of Master Mariners.

We are a global company with branches in Dubai, London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Yemen.

Constellation Marine’s objective is to:

  • Value, challenge and reward our people.
  • Provide credible, high-quality surveying and consultancy solutions.
  • Build and cultivate long term associations with clients.
  • Reply ASAP to the necessities of our clients.
  • Provide our clients with the best expertise in claims consultancy, valuations. We have our stars which comprises of 18 professional consultants and surveyors who are Master Mariners, Engineers, Naval Architects, and Rig-Move Masters.
  • Achieve all-round customer fulfilment.
  • Always improve the services we provide.
  • Maintain professional relationships always.

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Deputy Chief Nautical Surveyor, Danish Government Ship Inspection Service
Examination of new tonnage SHIPPING AND SHIP BUILDING are both industries which, due to their international character, to a great extent gave gained an advantage from the endeavors which have been brought forward by the international organizations such as IMO and ILO in preparing accepted standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships.