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Towage Approval Surveys – Don’t get PULLED in the wrong direction

Towing operations of any kind, customary or non-customary, are inherently risky; however it is known that these risks can be managed and reduced with due diligence and good seamanship, and this starts with a duty of care prior to commencement of the voyage.It has been reported that there is an increase in the number of towage incidents, many of which have resulted in serious injuries, collisions, groundings, pollution, damage to property and loss of cargo.

Role of the Government Nautical Surveyor

government nautical survey

Role of the government nautical surveyor

Deputy Chief Nautical Surveyor, Danish Government Ship Inspection Service
Examination of new tonnage SHIPPING AND SHIP BUILDING are both industries which, due to their international character, to a great extent gave gained an advantage from the endeavors which have been brought forward by the international organizations such as IMO and ILO in preparing accepted standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships.

Damaged cargo survey, jointly done on without prejudice basis

cargo ships

As per our principal’s instructions, a joint survey had to be conducted by Constellation Marine’s engineer surveyor on behalf of the carrier to assess the nature, cause and extent of damage to one air conditioning unit which was reportedly received in a damaged condition in a 40-foot container and stored at the consignee’s warehouse. A formal notification was sent by the cargo’s underwriter surveyor to the carriers via email. This in turn led to Constellation Marine Services getting appointed for the joint survey.

Port captain & Cargo Expedition at Salalah ,Oman

Cargo Expedition at Salalah

Recently we as Independent Marine Consultants received a nomination from one of our overseas Principals (Major Steel Company) to carry out a Port Captaincy & Cargo Expedition to load 77,000 MT of Limestone in Bulk, in regards to cargo stowage, cargo availability, cargo sequence, minimum stoppages and maximum intake with faster & safer outturn.

Our Senior Port Captain contacted the local agents to enter the Port in order to attend on board the vessel the Port Captaincy assignment.

Joint survey for damage of one air conditioning machine unstuffed from 40’ foot container

cargo damage ships

As per our principal’s instructions, a joint survey had to be undertaken by Constellation Marine Engineer Surveyor on behalf of the carriers to assess the nature, cause and extent of damage to an air conditioning machine which was reportedly received in a damaged condition in 40’ container and stored at the consignee’s warehouse. A formal notification by email was sent by the Cargo Underwriter’s Surveyor to the Carriers who in turn appointed Constellation Marine Services for the joint survey.

Precautions Take during the Bunkering Operation

Bunkering Operations


What Does the Word “Bunker” and Bunkering?

In the shipping industry, the word bunker is used for fuel and lube oils, which are stored on a ship and used for machinery operation only. If a vessel is carrying marine fuel or lube oil to discharge it to another port, it will not be called “bunker”. If the vessel or truck is carrying it to transfer to another ship for using in its machinery, it will be termed as “bunker” and the operation performed to transport the oil is known as “bunkering”

Port Captaincy & Oversized Cargo Shipping

Port Captaincy & Oversized Cargo Shipping

Constellation Marine services are pleased to announce the successful completion of a Port Captaincy evolution for loading a length of 7.5 kilometers of Ductile Iron cement coated pipe on board a bulk carrier in Abu Dhabi.

With over a 1000+ port captaincy and supercargo services performed over the last 10 years, it came as no surprise that Constellation Marine services were chosen over the multitude of survey companies in the UAE for this particular attendance.

Ship Main Engine Damage Survey

ship main engine damage



We, Constellation Marine Services (CMS) as independent ship and marine surveyors, often get instructions from our principals as Hull & Machinery underwriters to attend on board ships to carry out machinery damage surveys. Recently we got a nomination form one of our principals to carry out Main Engine damage survey on board a vessel and report on nature, cause and extent of damage to the Main Engine.

independent marine survey

Independent marine survey

independent marine survey

-Why cheap shoe strings can’t be used as belts? A Case study why one should charge an appropriate fee for the scope of diligence required and risks involved during an independent Marine survey appointment.

Though the following account refers to a cargo hold condition survey, the lessons learnt by it for an independent marine surveyor apply as much to any condition or “fit for purpose” survey.