Constellation is committed to protect its Stars.

All Constellation Marine Services staff is covered by a comprehensive group accident and medical plan from door to door including travel. We also have liability insurance in place for a considerably large sum per occurrence. These policies are placed with in London and USA and also with local underwriters.

We continually strive to integrate  our social and environmental concerns into our operations through our engagement with customers, suppliers,employees and local communities which is fundamental to the sustainability of our business.

Our customers and employees are more conscious than ever of the ethical  record of our company and the contribution we make to the local and national community.

  • Responsibility of Employees.

(Creating a pleasant workplace)

We have created a pleasant working environment where employees maintain a positive attitude and approach work with energy and enthusiasm.

We nurture a climate aimed at a smooth mutual understanding irrespective of rank through open communication, building trust-based relationships amongst employees.

    • Responsibility of Local Communities.
    Corporate social  Responsibilities