Loss prevention and pre entry condition survey

marine pre entry survey

Loss prevention and pre entry condition survey for underwriters

Loss prevention as the name suggest is an essential aspect to help determine the procedures & equipment which need potential improvements on board to prevent the third party losses for P & I clubs. Pre entry condition survey is performed to analyze the condition of the vessel prior to insuring them. We, Constellation Marine Surveyors are an approved surveying company by most of the international group of P&I clubs to carry out the loss prevention and pre entry condition survey on their behalf. We also are nominated by a number of leading H&M underwriters to carry out the pre-risk inspections.

Loss prevention and pre entry condition survey – Assignments

Our independent Marine Surveyors have been carrying out loss prevention assignments for P&I club in the Far East region and India apart from the regular inspections in Middle East region. The stars of Constellation Marine comprising of Master Mariners and Engineers are available 24×7 to attend The Loss Prevention and Pre Entry Condition Survey of ships which are planned to be added to the P& I club pool. Our team of highly skilled professionals understand in detail the aspect of third party liabilities with special reference to cargo, procedures, documentation, crew related matters and pollution prevention. Upon receiving a nomination to carry out a P & I club inspection, the relevant website is visited and all the latest forms pertaining to the vessel specific type are downloaded. It is well understood by our surveyors that following the Club’s specific instructions and checklist are critical. Importance of carrying out the inspections during daylight hours is well understood and adhered to. Getting the report sent to the clients within 24 hours is strictly followed by our team.
Despite the challenges faced, we did back to back P&I club loss prevention inspections in Vietnam for the club, in a span of 2 days, which was very much appreciated by them. Paying particular attention to specific forms for different ships is the key during the initial preparation phase. Inspection commenced by conducting an opening meeting with the master, chief officer, chief engineer and second engineer discussing the scope of the inspection. A list of all the operational test which needs to be performed were discussed with all those present for a smooth inspection. Statutory certificates and various documentation were verified with the master which was followed by accommodation and deck rounds. Upon completion of deck round, the engine room was inspected along with the Chief Engineer. During the inspection, few of the officers and deck crew were interviewed for their knowledge of the ship safety management system and basic ship familiarity. Getting the master to acknowledge the defect list prior to the surveyor disembarking from the vessel is crucial and should be taken care of. The observations in the defect list has then to be closed out by the ship owner and presented to the P&I club within a stipulated period of time. Should they fail to address the issues pointed out during the survey their claim may stand rejected.

Loss prevention and pre entry condition survey – To sum up in simple words

To Sum up in Simple Words “Loss Prevention & Pre Entry Condition Inspections are important for P&I clubs to have a clear picture of what type of ships they are adding into their pool and what risks they might encounter. If the deficiencies are not rectified by the ship owner within the time frame then compensation will not be paid should a claim arise”.