marine inspections

Marine cargo inspections- during loading of heavy cargo unit in export containers

Constellation Marine Services have well trained marine cargo surveyors who can advise the client the manner, type of stow , equipment to be used in loading the heavy cargo unit and also the lashing /securing arrangement needed for the cargo to reach the same safely at the destined port. The marine cargo surveyor from Constellation Marine Services would also monitor the loading operation to ensure the cargo unit is safely loaded into the container without any untoward incident.

Marine cargo inspections – Why is a Professional & qualified Marine surveyor required?

There are many occasions where the receiver/consignee has lodged a claim against the shipper for receiving the shipment in damaged condition at destination due to improper stowage and failure and/or absence of securing arrangement for the cargo in the container.
To safe guard against such claims it would be advisable to appoint an experienced Marine Cargo Surveyors like Constellation Marine Services to carry out a cargo pre-loading survey during loading of the cargo into the export container.

There are many cases of reporting damage to container and cargo therein occurred during loading operation of the container on board the ship due bad stowage there by rejecting the container from loading.  The major damages generally noted are deformation and the side panels &roof panels bulging out due to   shifting of cargo and also breaking of floor board due the weight of the heavy cargo stored in. There are   also similar cases reporting damage found to the container during discharge at the destination port


Upon nominating the job to Constellation Marine Services a well experienced marine
cargo surveyor from the Constellation Team would be appointed to attend the preloading
cargo survey and he would examine the condition of cargo, mode of packing
and weight of the heavy cargo to be loaded into the export container.

Marine cargo Inspections -How Inspection done!

The marine cargo surveyor from Constellation Marine Services would also inspect the designated container externally and internally to ensure that the container in total is in a sound condition to load the heavy cargo unit. He would specifically inspect the condition of the floor board and lashing points available within the container. He would calculate the amount of dunnage required talking into account the gross weight of the cargo unit and load bearing capacity of the floor board.

The marine cargo surveyor also would advise the shipper /logistic party the type of lashing arrangement required to hold and secure the cargo in its original position in the container considering the stresses that may act upon the cargo during the voyage. He would examine the SWL of the lashing materials to be used and adequacy of the lashing /securing arrangement so that the heavy cargo unit arrives at destination safe and in sound condition thus protecting the shipper from any claim /liability against him.

The pre-loading condition survey in most cases is a must as per warranty clause in the policy cover issued by most of the insurance & P&I Clubs in order to prevent a loss so that the interested parties involved are protected.