Marine  inspections 

Marine  inspections : We are sharing our experience with the shipping community on a  survey attended by constellation surveyor on a cargo of T V SETS  received wet  in a 1×40’ GC container .The  cargo survey was carried out at the request of shipping line in response to  a notification received from a cargo receiver /consignee in Dubai alleging the shipping line liable for the subject damage to their cargo received in a  container shipped  under B/L issued by the shipping line.

A senior surveyor from Constellation Marine Services attended the survey at the consignee’s warehouse in Jebel Ali after prior arrangement with consignee

Marine inspections – Details of survey & inspection 

The warehouse supervisor informed us that they received the container/cargo in question from the port a day before and with its door seals intact. The container was opened on the same day and cargo unstuffing operation commenced on the same day. He further stated that on unstuffing part cargo from the container they could see some cartons containing TV sets in stow in the right extreme stack were wet. There were 5 cartons in that stack and all were partly wet. At this stage further off- loading operation from the container was suspended subject to inspection by concerned parties. The concerned shipping line were notified of the damage requesting for a joint survey.

At Constellation Marine Services surveyor’s attendance the subject container was noted on a truck trailer positioned at the loading-unloading bay of the warehouse and with container doors open. The container was externally inspected and no remarkable damage was noted by the surveyor. On internal inspection by him  part cargo remaining in the container noted in stow up to the midsection of the container.

The CSC plate of available on the door of the container indicated the date of manufacture 7/2000 The roof area right above  where the  wet cartons were in stow , was inspected by us noted to be heavily rusty . No hole /crack was visible in the rusty area of the roof. The warehouse supervisor suggested that the cartons may have got wet prior loading into the container.

Marine  inspections –Findings of the surveyor

There were 5 such cartons available in wet condition that were subsequently removed and kept out side for detailed inspection. As advised by the constellation surveyor offloading of remaining cargo commenced and completed. The empty container was again inspected by the surveyor after closing both the doors of container to see if a ray of light was visible through the rusty area in the roof and the roof appeared to be intact.

Ascertaining the cause leading to wet damage to cargo was the responsibility of the surveyor . The attending surveyor from Constellation Marine Services  advised the warehouse in charge to pour two buckets of water on top of the roof in the area right above where the wet cartons were stowed. Upon pouring water the constellation surveyor could see drops of water falling inside the container through a hair crack in the rusty area of the roof.

Thus with diligent effort initiated by the Constellation surveyor the source of ingress of water into the container was identified and the consignee got his claim paid legitimately from the carriers.