Our Services

  • Dry-dock preparation, supervision and contracts with various Yards.
    Upgrading vessel’s draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.
  • Planning and implementation of retrofitting or renewal of deck cranes on bulk carriers.
  • Compass deviation card.
  • Cargo Superintendence for Steel Renewal and Protective Coating Applications for Steel.
  • Casualty inspections, Personal injury investigations.
  • Inquiry into overloading of a vessel and/or assisting Master in stability calculation.
  • Internal ISM & ISPS audits, Preparations of Ship Security Plans and ISM Documentation.
  • Towage Approvals, Draft surveys and Bunker surveys among specialized assignments mentioned
  • Pre Vetting / SIRE and CDI Inspection Preparations for Tanker Vessels including Post vetting Correspondence with Oil Majors for Corrective & Preventive Action.
  • Charter Party contract negotiations and commercial dispute resolution through courts and arbitration.
  • Mooring Advisor / Assistant Pilot / Cargo Operations Supervisor for Ship to Ship Transfer Operations involving Oil Tankers.
  • Port Captain for Specialized Trade of Wood Pulp; Pre Stow Planning, Monitoring during Loading & discharging of Wood Pulp Cargo. Advisory on Hold Preparations for Various Dry Bulk Cargoes.
  • Cargo tally, Super Cargo, Cargo Expediters, Pre/Post shipment Steel Cargo surveys and other Project cargoes.
  • Lashing and sea fastening survey at Bahrain, AbuDhabi and Qatar.
  • Port captains for Non Conventional cargoes like the shipment of Containers, Heavy Machinery on & under deck cargoes.

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