Pre purchase inspections on tankers

prepurchase tankers

Pre purchase inspections on tankers

Pre purchase inspections on tankers:Constellation Marine Services is one of the leading marine survey company in UAE who perform a number of pre purchase inspections for various types of water crafts including but not limited to bulk carriers, oil tankers, container vessels, gas tankers, offshore supply vessels. Of these types, the tanker pre purchase inspections are the most frequently carried out surveys. Master Mariners with command and backed are sufficient experience on board Oil and Gas tankers and / Senior Engineers form the team of Constellation Marine Services who perform the pre purchase inspections onboard oil tankers (Product and Crude) and Gas tankers (LPG and LNG).

Pre purchase inspections on tankers- past history of the vessel

The Pre Purchase inspection is conducted by our senior registered marine surveyor commenced well before boarding the oil tanker by obtaining past history of the vessel from the client’s information. Special attention was paid to the previous SIRE & PSC inspection findings to ensure it has been closed out. Prior boarding the vessel at anchorage, a visual external inspection of the vessel’s hull was carried out. On boarding the vessel, the common requirements such as ship’s statutory certificates, documentation, bridge equipment, accommodation, engine room and galley area were inspected.

Pre purchase inspections on tankers- the items specific to the tanker

In addition to checking the common requirements, the items specific to the tanker which we inspected were as follows: Vessel’s cargo pump room, ODME system, all cargo tanks internal inspection, IG system, PV valves and breaker, vent mast flame screen, cargo hydraulic system, cargo tank remote readouts and tank over fill alarms. A couple of ballast tanks are also inspected with the chief officer after ensuring safe to do so by taking all safety precautions. Those Cargo tanks not made available for inspection due to them not being gas freed for operational reasons and hence are not inspected. Standard company format checklist is sent via email to the master of the tanker to be inspected to ensure advance preparation and smooth inspection.

Testing of the bridge equipment and deck hydraulics also performed to ensure its effective functionality. During the engine room rounds, operational testing of the Oily water separator 15 ppm alarm, emergency fire pump, emergency steering and emergency generator are carried out and found operational. Physical checking of the inventories of critical spares is taken by the attending surveyor. R.O.B of oils and fuel was ascertained with the assistance of ship staff. General speed and consumption averages of voyages are checked from the log books presented by the chief engineer and master.

The pre-purchase inspection for the tanker take approximately 10 – 12 hours and the inspection findings are made available to the client within 24 hours of the inspection. Thereafter a comprehensive standardized Constellation quality formatted report is issued to the client within 2 days of completing the survey. A photograph album with all the relevant photographs taken during the survey were segregated in different folders and provided to the clients.

To sum up “The idea of such type of inspection is to give the potential buyer a clear idea and factual report about the tanker which he was planning to invest in”