Our Services

Survey,Inspections & Audit

  • Condition.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Hatch cover Integrity Testing.
  • Pre & Post Charter.
  • Pre Purchase Suitability.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects.
  • Investigation of Contamination Claims of Various Refined Oil Products, Vegetable Oils and Chemicals in Bulk (Quantity & Quality) for Underwriters/Charterers and ship owners.
  • Port captains for Non Conventional cargoes like the shipment of Containers, Heavy Machinery on & under deck cargoes.
  • Oil Tanker Surveys- Ullaging & Sampling & Gauging Surveys.
  • Ship Management advice including selection and contracts with Technical Managers, operational costs, Surveys etc.
  • Charter Party contract negotiations and commercial dispute resolution through courts and arbitration.
  • Dry-dock preparation, supervision and contracts with various Yards.
    Upgrading vessel’s draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.
  • Planning and implementation of retrofitting or renewal of deck cranes on bulk carriers.
  • Compass deviation card.
  • Pre Vetting / SIRE and CDI Inspection Preparations for Tanker Vessels including Post vetting Correspondence with Oil Majors for Corrective & Preventive Action.
  • Mooring Advisor / Assistant Pilot / Cargo Operations Supervisor for Ship to Ship Transfer Operations involving Oil Tankers.
  • Port Captain for Specialized Trade of Wood Pulp; Pre Stow Planning, Monitoring during Loading & discharging of Wood Pulp Cargo. Advisory on Hold Preparations for Various Dry Bulk Cargoes.
  • Cargo Superintendence for Steel Renewal and Protective Coating Applications for Steel.
    Cargo tally, Super Cargo, Cargo Expediters, Pre/Post shipment Steel Cargo surveys and other Project cargoes.
  • Casualty inspections, Personal injury investigations.
  • Inquiry into overloading of a vessel and/or assisting Master in stability calculation.
  • Internal ISM & ISPS audits, Preparations of Ship Security Plans and ISM Documentation.
  • Towage Approvals, Draft surveys and Bunker surveys amongst specialized assignments mentioned above.
  • Lashing and sea fastening survey at Bahrain, AbuDhabi and Qatar.

Vessel Collisions

Our Master Mariners and Naval Architects apart from investigating the case if the vessel collision and extent of damage, can also provide professional advice.

Marine Casualties

We respond to Marine Emergencies immediately. We have Worked on Marine Causalities of all scales including some of the most recent in the region and the World.

Third Party Verification

We can carry out third-party verification of designs, plans, methodologies produced by others.

Marine Operations, Planning Design

We can prepare detailed procedures,contingency plans for various types of load-out, transportation and installation operations.

Claims, Disputes Litigation

We have been retained as expert advisors for many recent maritime casualties.

Dispute and Litigation

We provide expert advice throughout the stages of a marine claim and dispute process which also includes marine accident investigation.