Tampering of uti- another cause of bunker dispute

Tampering of uti- another cause of bunker dispute

Tampering of uti- another cause of bunker dispute

Bunker investigation survey of apparent discrepancy in received and supplied figures.

Upon receiving the nomination for the bunker quantity survey, we contacted the local agent for the vessels ETA and attended the bunker survey accordingly.

The nominated quantity was 1000 MT of HFO 380 cst. All the bunker tanks of the receiving vessel were gauged and OBQ prior bunkering was ascertained. There after the surveyor boarded the bunker barge along with ship’s 4th engineer and carried out the gauging of all cargo tanks including non-nominated cargo tanks in order to ascertain the on board quantity (OBQ) prior to discharge. The gauging and temperatures were taken by UTI (ullaging instrument) and certificate of the same was presented to the attending surveyor.

Tampering of uti- another cause of bunker dispute-Upon completion

Upon completion of bunkering we again gauged receiving vessel bunker tanks and as per Initial and final soundings the vessel quantity received was 975 MT. We were given to understand discrepancy was going to be that the qty supplied by the bunker barge was 995 MT indicating 20 MT.

Upon completion of verification onboard the receiving vessel, we proceeded tp ascertain the qty remaining on board the Bunker barge.

Tampering of uti- another cause of bunker dispute -Declared Figure by Bunker barge

We boarded the bunker barge along with the vessel’s Chief engineer and 4th engineer, carried out gauging of all the cargo tanks and our findings were total 995 MT of HFO remaining on board which declared figure by the bunker barge.

During gauging we using verified the sounding pipes reference heights. A second re-ullaging was carried out using sounding tape and a difference in readings of 4 cms was noted as compared to the UTI. Upon further investigation of the UTI (Ullaging Instrument) we noted that instead of 308 mm instrumental reference (as per UTI Certificate).The actual measurement real measured was 270mm (showing initially more cargo in cargo tanks). On closer tampering of UTI was noted by means of upward shifting of the stopper ring from its original position by about 4 cm and the evidence were noted by all present. Discharging was carried out from 4 cargo tanks and 2 of them were stripped (in the tampered UTI (ullaging machine) showed more initial  quantity as compared to the actual quantity on board.)

When we recalculated the initial & final gauging sheet as per correct ullage figures, the correct figure was noted to be 9 MT less. In addition to that both the cargo lines were noted to be full (capacity about 12 m3). Total of approx. 20 MT. After a short discussion the BDR figure was reduced to ship’s receiving figure and was signed for 975 MT.