Manish Kumar


Master Mariner

  • Certificates:
    4578 Marmora Road, Glasgow


A career spanning 21 years at sea, in various operation and management positions within the Maritime and Shipping Industry, specialized on hardcore parcel chemical tanker and on product tanker.

Specialized on carrying out pre-vetting Sire, CDI and as a cargo super on handling various grades of chemicals.

Have several experiences of STS operations.

SPM Loading Master and Operations.

Within the professional roles held, I have proven to be result oriented, decisive, possess tremendous interpersonal skills, and am technically oriented

My entrepreneurship and leadership skills have enabled me to lead and managed good teamwork, achieving challenging objectives, within challenging environments, with an aim to create a positive outcome and impact.


  • Pre Vetting / SIRE and CDI Inspection Preparations for Tanker Vessels including Post vetting Correspondence with Oil Majors for Corrective & Preventive Action.
  • Mooring Advisor / Cargo Operations Supervisor for Ship to Ship Transfer Operations involving Oil Tankers.
  • Investigation of Contamination Claims of Various Refined Oil Products, Vegetable Oils and
    Chemicals in Bulk (Quantity & Quality) for Underwriters/Charterers and ship owners.
  • SIRE/ CDI Preparation.
  • Internal Audit.
  • COT preparation for special and sensitive cargo
    as a cargo super on chemical tanker.
  • Condition survey
  • Pre Purchase Suitability.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigation into cargo shifting.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigation into injury/death onboard vessels, casualty  inspections and personal injury investigations
  • Oil Tanker Surveys- Ullaging & Sampling & Gauging Surveys.
  • Dry-dock preparation, supervision and contracts with various Yards.
  • Cargo Superintendence for Steel Renewal and Protective Coating Applications for Steel.
  • Inquiry into overloading of vessel and/or assisting Master in stability calculation.
  • Internal ISM & ISPS audits, Preparations of Ship Security Plans and ISM Documentation.

Tel.: +971 4 4232884 & +971 529815089Fax : +971 4 4232894


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Internal Auditor Training ISO (9001: 2015, 14001 : 2015, 18001 : 2007, 45001 : 2018)