Master Mariner


A career spanning 22+ years, in various operation and management positions within the Maritime and Shipping Industry, including 8+ years in Fujairah (Port Operation, Agency and Logistic Management), and in command of various types of vessels, including Offshore Dynamic Positioning crafts.

Within the professional roles held, I have proven to be result oriented, decisive, possess tremendous interpersonal skills, and am technically oriented

My entrepreneurship skills have enabled me to lead and managed teams of up to 25 people successfully, achieving challenging objectives, within challenging environments, with an aim to create a positive outcome and impact.

Working Experience:

• 4 years as Master Mariner on board Various seagoing and Offshore vessels – Cellular container, PSV, Deep Sea Towing and Anchor Handling vessels.
• 1+ year Master on Offshore supply vessels within Arabian Gulf – various Oil Major installations serviced
• Carried out Numerous Rig Moves – As Master on lead and support vessel – Deep Sea and Regional
• Numerous Anchor Handling jobs and vessel Master – East and West Coast of India & West Coast of Africa.
• Carried out Internal Audits and Pre-fixture inspections for Charter Suitability, OCIMF inspections and vetting’s, pre-tow inspections, training and briefing, tow voyage management.
• Implemented ISM requirements on board and ISO ashore (9001-2008)
• Preparation and process implementation for – CDI, Port state control, Flag and class inspections.


• Offshore vessel Inspections, suitability, pre-vetting, Towing and anchor handling process management and training.
• Offshore Vessel DP Audits/suitability/Vetting
• Pre-purchase Suitability
• Marine Accident and Investigation – Grounding/collision/contact damage – Offshore and Main fleet ships
• Dry Dock preparation, supervision, budgeting and management
• ISM and ISO inspections/surveys and implementation.
• Project cargo loading/unloading and stowage surveys
• Break Bulk and container cargo damage inspection survey.
• Marine Insurance claims – with focus on Offshore vessels
• Offshore charter party negotiations, contract management, technical evaluation and bidding
• Marine and Ship Logistic Management (Agency, Port requirements etc.) for vessel expedited turn-around.

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