Principal Surveyor - OVID Inspector

Over 31 years of maritime experience of which 17 years maritime and energy surveying
  • MASTER MARINER FG (Unlimited) from MCA, UK (valid until 2022)
  • E-CMID Auditor (IMCA)
  • Full Member of NAMS CMS Global, USA
  • HAZMAT Course, Warranty surveying course
  • Maritime Law-Southampton-short course
  • Advanced Accident investigation course
  • NEPIA Loss Prevention course, Associate Fellow of Nautical Institute
  • Accredited CMID Inspector for offshore vessels.
  • Member of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)-UK
  • Associate at association of average adjusters.

Captain Zarir Irani is an Expert witness at DIFC courts & Federal courts of Appeal at Abu Dhabi, a Master mariner with command experience on globally tramping vessels (unlimited) and has International claims related expertise as a Principal Marine Consultant. He has been a principal consultant since 2004 in the Middle East and has accumulated 24 years of Maritime experience.
Capt Irani has undertaken Rig Move Simulation and advanced rig moving courses at Aberdeen & Malaysia and is an experienced Rig move warranty Surveyor.

-Principal Marine warranty surveyor, Constellation Marine Services LLC, (UAE) April 2007 – Present
– Vice-President – Global IIMS (UK) Since Sept. 2016
– Regional Director, IIMS, (UK) Oct 2007 – Present
– Operations Manager/ Principal Marine Consultant, EnR Consultancy July 2004 – March 2007

Captain Irani’s knowledge bank is updated regularly to keep abreast with the latest regulations and Maritime Policies, being an active member of the following Professional organizations goes a long way towards this cause:

  • International Institute Of Marine Surveying (Regional Director-Persian Gulf) – Nominated Fellow
  • Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers (ICS)- Education committee member – Nominated Fellow
  • Institute Of Marine Technologist. (associate)
  • The Nautical Institute. – Associated Fellow
  • National Association of Marine Surveyors – USA. NAMSglobal-CMS (Certified Marine Surveyor).
  • Member of Honorable company of Master Mariners (HCMM).

Personal Record:
Captain Zarir Soli Irani

    • (I.I.M.S. Regional Director for Arabian Gulf) Sr. Partner

U.A.E Resident Since 2004

  • Tel. : +971 4 4232884 & +971 4 4518060
  • Fax : +971 4 4232894
  • E-Mail:

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Captain Zarir Irani’s Introduction while presenting a conference paper:


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  •   Pro-active Measures with industry intelligence
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Captain Zarir Irani Presentation on Marine insurance and warranty at the offshore support Vessel Technology  Forum held in AbuDhabi.

In a well-researched presentation Capt. Zarir lrani spoke about the Act, Principles, Warranties, Common Findings related to the marine insurance sector. He mentioned that worldwide Marine insurance contracts take into consideration the statute mentioned in the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and the majority of the worldwide marine insurance is governed by this Act. During his talk he pointed out the five basic principles of marine insurance that should be adhered to viz: Insurable interest, Utmost Good Faith, Proximate Cause., indemnity and Subrogation. He categorically stated that all contracts of marine insurance are contracts  ‘Uberrimae Fidei’ i.e. of the utmost good faith’ and if the utmost good faith is not observed by either party, the contract may be voided by the other party (the underwriters). Proximate Cause (or ‘causa proxima’) is derived from the legal dictum causa proxima non remota spectatur’. This means that ‘the proximate and not the remote cause to be considered’. The Act provides that the insurer is liable for any loss proximately caused by a peril insured against the mentioned.

Capt. Irani clearly explained the warranty clauses and its meaning. In his well-attended paper, he mentioned that a warranty’s the same as a “condition” on any other type of insurance policy. It is an express or implied contractual undertaking by the assured that something will or will not be done.