V Seva

Marine Salvage Consultant

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    The Citadel, # 806, Business Bay P.O. Box 191105, Dubai, UAE

He is a Singaporean National, who went to se at Age 17 up to through the ranks to Master Mariner on Chemical tankers in Singapore.

In 1997, He joned SMIT Salvage Singapore, rising up the ranks very quickly to Salvage Master at Age 36.

After a 10 year tenure with SMIT Salvage Singapore (Far East), from 2007 to 2014, he further broadens his horizon with various international salvage organization such as SVITZER Salvage, BISSO Marine, and T&T Bisso, Having been based and operating from Europe, the Americas, and the middle East in the capacity of Senior Salvage Master, Project Manager, and Regional Operations Manager.

He made a career change and pursued a Commercial Diver Verification becoming a qualified commercial diver at 27.

Some of the notable cases he has attended to;


A Japanese Fishery Training vessel was struck by a United States Navy submarine :USS Greenville” during an emergency surfacing exercise off Honolulu, Hawaii. The tragic event caused to sink with 13 trapped souls to a depth of 600 meters. The recovery of the ” EHMIE MARU” for the United States Navy is the deepest successful salvage recovery recorded.


A chemical tanker was laden fully with 6000 tons of chemicals comprising or 3 parcels, 4000 tons of “Styrene”, 1000 tons of Methyl Ketone and 1000 tons of isopropyl alcohol. Sunk in the English Chanel due to extreme heavy weather wit winds recorded at 65 knts. THe tanker sank in a water depth of 100 mtrs, Due to the toxic nature of the cargo particularly to the “Styrene” and “Mythyl Ethyl Ketone” parcels, the cargo was recovered by a specially developed “Remote Offloading System” (ROLS) a first of its kind which accomplished the sucessful chemical cargo recovery, the entire operation was executed without divers.

IRAQ Wrecks, UXO Removal

Due to the various past conflicts in Iraq, A total of 6 wrecks and 27,544 UXO’s were recovered, the largest being a STXY Missile, with 500kg warhead, removed from a sunken OSA missile corvette that was resting on a live pipeline nea a tanker terminal. The entire operation consists of 11 floating assets and 200 personnel. The entire project was completed in 8 mths with Zero LTI.