Sr. Marine Surveyor

Experience in the following areas:

  • On-board Attendance of Crude/Petroleum Tankers – to certify the Ship’s tanks fitness for loading its nominated petroleum cargo, to determine the cargo quantity on board after loading as well as before discharge.
  • Attendance at the Terminal to certify cleanliness of shore tanks for receiving various products such as petroleum/chemical and gauging of Storage Tanks to determine quantity and sampling.
  • Ensuring that the correct quantity of product is being transferred to/from the vessel by the class ‘A’ test.
  • Attendance during filling of tanker trucks for various products such as petroleum & chemical.
  • Attending Bunker Survey – to determine ROB, ON/OFF hire bunker survey and attendance during the supply of bunker through a pipeline or by barge.
  • Attending supervision of loading/discharge of containers on board the vessel and prepare related documents.
  • Inspection of Containers and Supervision of stuffing/de-stuffing of containers for both dry and reefer.
  • Draft Survey to determine the quantity of various bulk cargo on board the vessel

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