Marine Survey Engineer

Mr Sumanta Kumar Tarai

Marine Surveyor

  • Experience in the following Areas:
    • Draft Surveys to determine the quantity of various bulk cargo on board the vessel.
    • Attending Bunker Survey – to determine ROB, ON / OFF Hire Bunker Survey on board.
    • Attending the Bunker Supply Survey.
    • Attending Condition Survey – to determine on / Off Hire Condition Survey of Bulk Carrier and Container Vessels.
    • Inspection of Containers and Supervision of Stuffing / De-Stuffing & Cross-Stuffing of Cargo for both dry and Reefer Containers.
    • Inspection of Leaking Containers.
    • Survey of Hatch Cleanliness on board the Vessel.
    • Tally and Condition Survey for Import and Export of Steel Products.
    • Continuous Supervision during Loading & discharge / delivery of all types of Cargoes and assisting the Master of the vessel.
    • Pre-Loading Cargo Condition, Lashing & Securing the Cargo.
    • Stowage of CRC, HRC, WRC and Steel Billets for Export Steel Products.
    • On board attendance of Crude / petroleum Tankers to certify the Ship’s Tanks fitness for loading its nominated cargo, to determine the cargo quantity on board after loading as well as before discharge.
    • Attending on Shore Tanks Gauging – to get the Cargo quantity ascertained.
    • Survey of P & I Survey.

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Tel. : +971 4 4232884 & Mob : +971529815089

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