Damage to cargo due to sea water ingression during marine transportation have resulted in huge loss and big claims. Losses were not limited to the commercial value of the cargo but also to the relation between the shipper-carrier-charterer-consignee.

Have you thought if the risk of these losses can be reduced?

If not, then here is how we serve you to reduce the risk of water ingression.

We Constellation Marine Service can provide the ULD Testing of the cargo hold before the vessel sails from load port with almost no time loss due to testing and provide an opportunity to identify the point of leak and assist in rectifying the leak point at no cost of time loss at load port.

Our well trained and experienced surveyors can do the ULD leak testing of the cargo hold prior to and during the loading of the cargo without disturbing the loading operation process. We schedule our hold inspection when the holds are not in use and in the beaks of stevedore gangs assigned for loading. We consider the change of loading hold in case the loading is already commenced. We can also do the ULD testing with the partially loaded cargo without compromising the efficiency of the test results.

Our experienced surveyor can identify the exact point of the leak and inspect the condition of rubber packing, compression bar and hatch structure to assist the ships crew in rectifying the leak.

In our last project of ULD test in the vessel carrying the wheat flour in bulk, we had assisted the shipper and crew to identify the leak point on the hatch cover, assist ship’s crew in repairing the leak and re-run the ULD test with successful result.

At the end, reduced risk gives better sleep to all the parties having the responsibility of their commercial relations.

Published by Engr. Fahad Ansari

Naval Architect/Marine Surveyor.