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Constellation Marine Surveyors

Constellation Marine Surveyors & Consultants are independent & can take up appointments for any ship owner, trader or insurance or law firm as long as not conflicted out.

Constellation Marine is managed by four board members residing in UK who have been connected with various facets of the marine business like Maritime Law & Marine insurance for more than 40 years individually.

Constellation has offices in UK, Singapore and Middle East specializing in offshore marine warranty inspection, ship and cargo inspections for principals, insurance companies and charterers and P&I Clubs.

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Surveyor Appointments

We are amongst the first surveying firm to offer, live feeds of our surveyor location & onsite updates to clients on their smart devices. To download our phone app to know more about this customer service deliverance. Click here

Exclusive services

Speed in Response

We Offer Exclusive services of available 24×7 for Marine Inspections.

Marine Experts

Trained Experts

Our Trained Experts provides Best Marine Evaluation report, followed by adjacent verification policy which shares you best Report.

OUR Services

We are proud to Serve

P&I Clubs, Marine Insurers, Ship Owners and charters, Law firms and Government Agencies.

Our Professional, speed of Response is Testimony of our long-term
Business Relationship with our clients.


Worked with Most of
P&I Clubs


Full time professionals


In the Industry since

21000 +


Our Team

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